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Diskusní téma: Rusko změní pravidla hry nad Sýrií - part. 2

Datum: 30.09.2018

Vložil: Vantom

Titulek: Zdroj Debkafiles.. To si Jerry nepamatuje??

In many ways, history is repeating itself: In the years 1969-70, Israel fought back against a Soviet-backed Egyptian war of attrition by enclosing a 30-km deep security zone inside the Egyptian border where its air force could operate freely – that is, until Russia installed a line of SA-3 anti-air missiles around the Aswan Dam, Cairo and Alexandria. Israeli air strikes deep inside Egypt were blocked. Moscow then followed up with the deployment of four squadrons of Mig-21 fighters and its most advanced Mig-25s. Israeli warplanes were pushed back with heavy casualties in aircraft and air crews. The US then stepped in and brokered a Russian-Israeli ceasefire which was concluded in Aug. 1970.